Absorbs, captures and inactivates unpleasant odours


ODOUR CONTROL is a ready-to-use liquid product formulated with special zinc-based complexes which absorbs, captures and inactivates the molecules which cause odours. hanks to the presence of phenolic derivatives, it sanitises the surfaces on which it is applied and also produces a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance of cleanliness. Unpleasant-smelling surfaces in the community, hospital nursing home or general industry sectors. Ideal for toilets, kitchens (gratings, sink drains), areas and containers for refuse, motorway rest-stop and petrol station toilets, public chemical toilets.

The formula is for application on surfaces, do not spray on fabrics, furniture or floors, as it may stain.

Ready to use product. Shake the bottle and regulate the nozzle in order to obtain a fine spray. Aim the spray towards the surface to be treated. In the presence of sources of particularly strong odour, repeat the operation after a few minutes.

Box of 12 bottles - 750ml each

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