Новые Emozioni Italiane в пульверизаторе с молекулой-поглотителем запахов

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Путешествие по миру итальянских ароматов

We developed the NEW ALLEGRINI LINE EMOZIONI ITALIANE - NO GAS in a bottle of 500ml: liquid deodorising freshener with odour absorbing molecule. The innovative formulations, in alcoholic suspension, rapidly neutralize any kind of smell, releasing into the environment a pleasant and persistent fragrance and giving you a unique relax moment. Also ideal for use on fabrics in the laundry sector (curtains, rugs, carpets, towels, etc.).

This line of deo-perfumers tells a real olfactory journey researching different notes in Allegrini fragrances, whose ingredients are associated to specific therapeutic properties.


- Innovative formulation in alcoholic suspension with odour absorbing molecule.

- High concentration of precious essences and essential oils.

- Ideal for use on fabrics.


Be moved by 6 new professional fragrances for environments to achieve a successful hospitality. Only selected ingredients for a high quality product.

51 CAPRI open skies and sea breeze

52 SORRENTO jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, amber, vanilla

53 VENEZIA rose, orange blossoms, jasmine, lilac

54 SIENA lavender and cotton flowers

55 FIRENZE wild flowers and sandalwood

56 CORTINA aromatic fragrance

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