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Allegrini Emozioni Italiane Big Space Line

A year full of news for the high perfumery sector: in Allegrini a new line was created, designed by Allegrini Emozioni Italiane, entirely dedicated to the fragrance of big areas. The ... Подробнее

Новаый формат ароматов Allegrini Emozioni Italiane

This new half of the year opens for Allegrini with another news, this time in the field of high perfumery: the LENTO RILASCIO LINE of Allegrini Emozioni Italiane fragrances, four&n... Подробнее

Parquet Care… и ваш паркет сияет как новый!

Quality and innovation are at the forefront for Allegrini. That's why every day we study the characteristics of products in the name of excellence and progress, often indicating trend of our in... Подробнее

Allegrini со знаком Ecolabel

Инновационность на 360° при бережном отношении к окружающей среде и качество в гармонии с природой - ... Подробнее

Новый Inox Ok Liquido для совершенного блеска и защиты

With over 70 years of experience, Allegrini is always beside its customers.   From scientific tests, scrupulously elaborated by laboratories R&D, comes the new Allegrini best ... Подробнее

Allegrini Emozioni Italiane

Perfuming our own environments is a natural need, due to the fact that olfactory stirring surrounding us are necessary to the achievement and maintenance of psychophysical harmony state. Scientific s... Подробнее

Новые Emozioni Italiane в пульверизаторе с молекулой-поглотителем запахов

We developed the NEW ALLEGRINI LINE EMOZIONI ITALIANE - NO GAS in a bottle of 500ml: liquid deodorising freshener with odour absorbing molecule. The innovative formulations, in alcoholi... Подробнее

Новые умягчители для белья 4 LAV POP

The fragrances contained in the softeners designed for the professional sector often do not ensure a lasting effect because their fragrance is destined to fade during the ironing phase, because of the... Подробнее

Новое средство JP Ready в соответствии с нормативами ХАССП

Regarding the kitchen hygiene, prevention against contamination and food poisoning is undoubtedly correlated, in a very important way, to the environment and equipment cleaning.   The c... Подробнее


Доступно новое видео!

Big cleaning companies, catering companies and structures must guarantee the cleanliness and hygiene of large environments, with an eye to costs and manage inve... Подробнее

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